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"Outrageously Outrageous"

Glamour Kitty represents The Ultimate ROCKSHOW Experience, rocking around the edges of the Decade of Decadence with everyone's favorite hits from Bon Jovi and Def Leppard, to AC/DC and Guns N' Roses.


Are you ready for a high-energy show that showcases the Best of the Arena Rock? Glamour Kitty will bring you a performance that will leave you thinking you should keep your ticket stub even though there may not have been a cover charge!

The band takes everything to the next level, not only by shamelessly rocking out in attire that's outrageous enough to make a superhero jealous, but by delivering a stage show that keeps the party going like the Best of the Best from the Hollywood Bowl to Madison Square Garden!

Glamour Kitty understands what each venue requires for a successful night, and makes sure to tailor their set list to keep the audience demographic engaged. Our goal is to make each ROCKSHOW an experience nobody wants to forget. The band thrives when our client needs a musical and visual attraction that will create a high-energy atmosphere, rather than providing a basic musical performance for a background soundtrack.

Just who are these guys?!

BagZ - Bass

Hair - Drums

Rex - Guitar

Stitch - Vocals/Guitar

Who hires Glamour Kitty?

  • Nightclubs

  • Corporate Events

  • Festivals

  • Weddings

  • Special Events


What Are People Saying About Glamour Kitty?

Eric Heckman, VP Marketing & Talent Buyer at Caddies on Cordell, former Senior Director National Promotion at Chrysalis Records


"Trying to quantify cover-bands is a daunting task but Glamour Kitty sets a very high bar. I book over 70 bands a year, more than 100 since 2017, at Caddies in Bethesda. Most are terrific, hardworking and professional. Several have fallen short on one or both accounts. Several just don’t have enough following of their own or don’t appeal to our young demographic.

Just to qualify this a bit more I am a student of the music business having spent most of the 80’s at a high level, responsible for helping bring many rock household names onto people’s radios, video screens and at live venues from small clubs to stadiums. Copy or cover bands didn’t even rate a nod in those days. Garage bands were everywhere and musicians wrote and played the clubs with the hope of landing a record label deal or publishing contract.

"Every cover band should try to catch a Glamour Kitty show. Even if you hate the hair bands of the 80’s go for the details. Go because these display the results of what must be countless hours of studying and rehearsing what made the hair bands one of the best selling genres of pop music history. They have also invested significant dollars in their sound and look and thousands in their light show. Glamour Kitty just plain entertains and get a response from the crowd, huge last night, that not many of our premiere bookings come close to.

"Maybe it’s just me, nearing 70 yrs young watching kids my adult children’s age go wild over music that I was a part of professionally and culturally. Music that has survived more than 30 years. Music that I first heard on vinyl then recorded on cassettes popped into my first Sony CD Walkman, and now access digitally whenever and where ever I want. Or maybe Glamour Kitty is just the live music club/bar perfect storm. They will be back at Caddies in the early fall and around holiday time in December. I personally can’t wait."

Meredith R. Philipp, Wedding Client

"The band was incredible, and everyone was raving about them in the morning at breakfast - Glamour Kitty went above and beyond and made my after-party dreams come true."


Martin C. Wetten, Founder and Owner of Hop & Wine Beverage, Corporate Event

"Glamour Kitty was punctual, professional, and brought incredible energy to our private event. They have a special way of making sure everyone has a great time."

Paul Taylor, Keyboard player and guitarist for Winger and the Steve Perry Band

"Glamour Kitty are a blast, they're the real deal and put on a great show - so much so, I even got up on stage to play with them!"

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